Moeder deelt foto van haar buik drie weken na de bevalling: ‘Dit is realistisch’

07.03.2018 10:19

Nat Jorge-Martin wordt moe van die onrealistische foto’s van moeders die na twee dagen weer in hun skinny jeans passen. Op Instagram plaatst ze daarom een naar eigen zeggen ‘realistischer’ beeld.

‘Zo zag ik er drie weken na mijn bevalling uit’, schrijft ze bij de foto.



Nat vervolgt: ‘Mijn borsten waren ongelijk, mijn buik was uitgezakt, zat vol met striemen en ik zag er nog steeds zwanger uit. Eerlijk gezegd was ik hier de eerste dagen verdrietig over: alsof ik geen sexy vrouw meer kon zijn.’ Maar toen haar man haar een compliment gaf over haar kracht en uithoudingsvermogen, ging Nat anders naar zichzelf kijken. ‘Negen maanden lang droeg ik een perfect mens. Nu kijk ik naar mijn buik en denk ik: ‘Wauw, ik ben een strijder’. Ik ben een sterke, krachtige vrouw en ik kan alles aan.’


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‘Vergelijk jezelf niet met een ander’

Ze is trots op haar ‘moederbuik’ en met die striae heeft ze geen moeite meer. ‘Wees blij met je lichaam en vergelijk jezelf niet met andere moeders die meteen na de geboorte van hun kind weer op hun oude gewicht zaten. Fijn voor hen, maar ook voor jou, omdat je je best doet. Vrouw zijn is een geweldig geschenk.’


This is what i looked like at 3 weeks postpartum. My boobs were uneven because I still hadn’t figured out the whole breastfeeding thing. My belly was saggy yet i still looked pregnant, covered in stretch marks from growing a 10lb 4oz little girl and gaining 80lbs in 9 months. • When i first noticed my first stretch mark at about 25 week pregnant i wasn’t sad or disgusted, i figured stretch marks are a part of pregnancy for some women. Then i saw another one, closely followed by about 20 more. By the time i gave birth i was completely covered in stretch marks. My belly was unrecognizable. Every day i looked at my belly, rubbed it and thought of why it looks like this now. • Honestly, most days I felt a bit of sadness; like my days of feeling sexy were over. But then my husband would look at me in my giant, pregnant glory and tell me that I have never been sexier. He consistently complimented me not only on my looks but on my strength and endurance. • I grew a life. For nine months i carried my intelligent, strong-willed, perfect little creature. Every single mark on my body is a testament to what it has done. I could not be prouder of what my body went through and accomplished in less than one year. • Now i look at my belly and think “damn! i’m a fucking warrior. i’m a force to be reckoned with. i am a strong, powerful woman and i can do anything”. • So what if my belly doesn’t look that way it did before i had Delilah. Who gives a shit if I have stretch marks or a mom-pooch! When i decide I want to lose weight I’ll do it for myself and my health. And no matter how much weight I lose i will still always have my stretch marks and my mom-pooch and i can honestly say that i am finally okay with that. • I struggled like hell to bring my human into this world. I endured more in 26 hours than i ever thought i could endure in a lifetime. I am proud of myself and my body. It’s time to take back postpartum. Stop comparing yourself to other moms that “lost the baby weight right away” good for those women! But good for you too, because you are doing your best! Let’s start empowering our fellow mamas because being a woman is a goddamn amazing gift we have been given.

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Why would I post this picture? You can see all the cellulite on my fat legs. My stomach looks huge, like I am still pregnant. My ankles are so swollen they look like logs. You can see the pad in my unflattering hospital panties. I have no makeup on and my hair hasn’t been brushed in days. Why would I post this picture? Because this is postpartum. This is REAL. THIS IS CHILDBIRTH. You will not bounce back once that baby comes out of you.  You will not “lose the baby weight” super quickly.  Your ankles will still be swollen and your belly will still be round. And there’s NOTHING wrong with that.  You just brought a baby into the world.  Whether you had a vaginal birth or a c-section, a child emerged from your body and that’s a HUGE deal! I asked my husband to take this photo because it was the first time I stood up in days and the first time I held my baby all by myself, without wires connecting me to a bed. This moment was so beautiful, I got to sway side to side while holding the life I sustained for 9 months. I didn’t care that my robe was open and you could see my chunky legs or the ugly hospital panties.  All I cared about was that I was a mother now; and that I was head over heels in love with this little human. I’m still not happy with my body and I still have days where I look in the mirror and whisper “ugh, this is what I look like now” under my breath.  I am not happy with how my body looks but I am immensely grateful for what it has done.  It grew a life out of a few cells. It labored for 26 hours and it was opened on a table to bring that life into this world. I share this photo because it’s REAL, beautiful, and in this moment I felt LOVE and happiness. . . . #ig_motherhood #momcommunity #motherhoodunplugged #momhub #motherhoodthroughinstagram #featuremama #unitedinmotherhood #uniteinmotherhood #honestlymothering #dailyparenting #oureverydaymoments #joyfulmama #honestmotherhood #featuremama #memoirsofmotherhood #selflove #postpartumbody #takebackpostpartum #csectionrecovery #effyourbeautystandards #postpartumjourney #csection #youareenough #fourthtrimester #fourthtrimesterbodiesproject

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