Lachen (als een boer met kiespijn): dít doet zwangerschapsdementie met je

10.09.2020 14:01

Vergeet jij de simpelste dingen tijdens je zwangerschap? Je bent lang niet de enige. Bekijk deze hilarische fotoserie maar.

Tja, dan wordt-ie niet schoon…


Pregnancy Brain: putting the Tupperware of ranch in the dishwasher to be cleaned like this ?? #pregnancybrain

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Wanneer je vergeet dat je eitje op het vuur staat en gewoon lekker gaat douchen


I have a brain inside of me but somehow I think I’ve lost mine! I have come to except that pregnancy brain is real! i always thought pregnancy brain was just a silly thingWomen would joke about or maybe have something to fall back on to blame any forgetfulness. I mean it is a time that your brain is going crazy preparing for a baby, realizing that you are about to keep a human alive, getting less sleep, and juggling all other life events. There’s a lot going on but I mean…you just can’t make these things up!! 1. I have now burnt these eggs to a crisp-forgetting that I started the eggs and decided to take a shower 2. What doesn’t show here is that before this mishap I already did this same thing once this morning. I turned the skillet on with nothing in it and left it there while deciding I should start my workout. 15 minutes later I started to smell something not right? 3. Left my car running all day while at work 4. Almost forgot a friends baby shower that was scheduled 5. Showed up to my prenatal appointment a week early (when I had just called 2 nights before to confirm some questions I had.) 6. Lost my cellphone at work for 2 hours (thanks to my team at work for finding it under a random cardboard box) 7. Put my whole bag of spinach in the blender, instead of in the fridge when done making my shake. I found this under the cabinet the next day when I went to make a shake 8. Put a dirty knife and fork in the spatula drawer instead of the dishwasher 9. I’m sure there’s more and I just don’t even remember Don’t get me wrong, I can definitely have some airhead moments but these are some thing to definitely continue to laugh at that! So for now, I will continue to embrace the gray matter changes in my brain, accept the hormone changes, write things down more than ever and keep making sure to get in my omega-3’s and lots of #choline . Jodi pawluski once said that pregnancy “It is the time in your life [that your brain] is most plastic during adulthood,” So the plus side is that we are all becoming a little more like Barbie in pregnancy so that works! How badly did #pregnancybrain affect you!?

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