Even lachen: déze moeders maken er een potje van in quarantaine-tijd

07.05.2020 10:22
moeders potje van quarantainetijd Beeld: Shutterstock

Hoezo zwaar, deze tijden van quarantaine? Het kan altijd erger – kijk maar naar deze (grappige) moeders.

Ik zeg gewoon dat hij het zelf gedaan heeft…














Kiddo wanted a haircut. Badly. But coronavirus, so i said we aren’t getting one now. He begged. He pleaded. He grabbed his dad’s mustache buzzer. We went on the porch and went to work. This is what happened. In my defense, he did request something sort of like this. Also he did a poor job of pushing the guard into the buzzer so at least twice it fell off mid buzz, and it shaved to the scalp. ?. #mommyfail #kitchenhaircuts #coronavirus #maybeworthatripnow

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…toen ik in een vergadering zat


Ik weet niet wat erger is: dit of zelf knippen?


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… en thuis lesgeven…

… daar is mama niet zo'n ster in


Oh, en welke dag is het ook weer?














I hope this brings a good laugh to everyone’s day!! As a realtor I am used to looking at my schedule multiple times a day as I have so many appointments. With CoVid-19 things have defiantly changed and I tend not to have to check my calendar daily as I am not as busy. So yesterday I convinced me and Jeremy that tomorrow was Easter (it’s not till next week) I decorated, did Easter photos of Emmett and did a egg hunt to be ready for when Emmett woke up. Then when I was getting ready for bed realized my mistake I was a week early!!! I am still shaking my head but now we get to enjoy a week of decorations hahaha #momfail #realtorlife #mynewnormal #quarantinelife #easter2020 #laughinghard

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