Bedekken? Waarom zou je? 10x mooie borstvoedingsfoto’s van celebrities

22.01.2019 07:16

Borstvoeding geven in het openbaar hoort de normaalste zaak van de wereld te zijn, vinden de celebrities uit onderstaande fotoserie. Op social media maken ze dit massaal duidelijk – en daar worden wij dan weer blij van.

Chrissy Teigen


Luna making me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now

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Cardi B


I got a baby I need some money yea I need cheese for my egg!!!

Een bericht gedeeld door CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) op


Rachel McAdams


A million reasons why I wanted to post this picture. Obviously #rachelmcadams looks incredible and was quite literally the dream to work with but also this shoot was about 6 months post her giving birth to her son, so between shots she was expressing/pumping as still breastfeeding. We had a mutual appreciation disagreement about whose idea it was to take this picture but I’m still sure it was hers which makes me love her even more. Breastfeeding is the most normal thing in the world and I can’t for the life of me imagine why or how it is ever frowned upon or scared of. I don’t even think it needs explaining but just wanted to put this out there, as if it even changes one person’s perception of something so natural, so normal, so amazing then that’s great. Besides she’s wearing Versace and @bulgariofficial diamonds and is just fucking major. Big shout out to all the girls ?? #rachelmcadams for @girls.girls.girls.magazine .com cover shoot ? @clairerothstein #pleaseshare . . . Side note: I did not look anywhere near as fabulous as this when feeding/pumping. And that’s ok too. . . . Stylist: @alicialombardini ? #girlsgirlsgirlsmag #girlsgirlsgirls #bringingbackthewoman #nogrungejustglamour #independentmagazine #printisnotdead #normalisebreastfeeding #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeeding #life #women #versace #bulgari

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Jessica Alba


Gisele Bündchen


Thandie Newton


Perfect happiness @latitudefest This is what my body is made for. And the rest is my choice. #Freedom

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Hiking makes us thirsty! #happybaby #hotpocket #normalizebreastfeedingyo #arewethereyet

Een bericht gedeeld door P!NK (@pink) op


Gwen Stefani


#Switzerland !!!!!?

Een bericht gedeeld door Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) op


Doutzen Kroes


Liv Tyler 


Sunday morning snuggles with my baby girl. So grateful for this precious gift.

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