Je hebt ouders die ieder jaar dezelfde foto van hun kind maken. Maar er zijn ook families die een foto van vroeger exact namaken. Het resultaat is te leuk, kijk maar. 

Moeders in hart en nieren



Happy birthday to my sweet sister Lisbeth, my bestie since 1986. You have been my right-hand gal from girlhood to mama-hood. From playing with doll babies to the real ones that are WAY more messy, challenging, hilarious, delightful, humbling, and (insert-all-the-adjectives here). 😉 --- You are truly a friend for all seasons. And what a grand adventure it is to open up this new chapter to our friendship as we navigate parenthood together. I love learning from and alongside you. I love how you reflect God's mercy and grace and wisdom to me every phone date we have. 🙌🙌 --- And oh the joy of having a day dedicated to celebrating your life! A day to look back at photos of us then and now and see a through-line of love and companionship that makes my heart overflow with gratitude. So. Much. Gratitude. 💕 --- I love you, sistah. From 1986 'till forevermore. -Lauren 👯‍♀️❤️ --- {📸 Photo collage credit to my mama, @carolyncastelli, our amazing mama role model. She happened upon this childhood photo of us when looking through some of my Mor Mor's belongings and noted the juxtaposition with the recent photo from Christmastime. 'Twas an unintentional reenactment on our parts! And sheer cleverness on the part of my mom to note the connection. Fun right? 🥳)

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Mama was de beroerdste niet om nog eens te poseren



I found a Christmas pic from 1984 for my brother and Mom to recreate with me on Christmas Night. 😂😆#almostnailedit #tbt

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De hond: geen spat veranderd



Tja, het moet zo écht mogelijk



Nooit te oud voor waterpret



Me: Can we get back to how it was 20 years ago? Dad: I feel like it’s too late. Me: It’s never too late. . . [Back Story: My father and I haven’t been on the best of terms for the past few years but this #FathersDay I gifted him with a TRUCE. After reading @iyanlavanzant “Get Over It”, I realized that in order to truly live my best life, I had to confront my dominant negative thought patterns, forgive, and release. I let it be, and so it is. Life is too short for grudges. Let’s hug these baby boomers while we still have them here. 😉🤗 . . #HappyFathersDay #DaddysLittleGirl #PhotoRecreation #TrustFall #Family #ThoughtTherapy #MentalHealth

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Tikkie gegroeid



Years just faded like a blink #2k19 #2005-2009 #photorecreation #childhoodmemories #grannyhouse

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