Denk je dat jij het als moeder zwaar hebt? Bekijk dan dit Instagram-account

22.01.2018 11:47

Het moederschap kan soms zwaar zijn, maar humor helpt. Daarom plaatst moeder Maya (moeder van een Ierse tweeling) wekelijks de meest hilarische foto’s van haar gezin op Instagram. Resultaat: dik honderdduizend volgers.

Als je alleen al deze kleine greep ziet, snap je waarom.


Nooit meer een opgeruimd huis;


It’s not my fault everything is cute and comes in 12 different colors!! Baby gear is every mom’s kryptonite. Zero regrets. ?? . #sponsored | If you are pregnant, I will help you right now to save time and get everything you want for your baby! @babylist is a FREE universal registry, where you can register for ANY STORE YOU WOULD LIKE! There are so many amazing perks that will help you enjoy the nesting phase and get ready for baby! When you start your registry, you become eligible for a Hello Baby Box (pictured above) filled with goodies, samples and offers for you and your little one. Head to my blog for all the details, link in bio! #hellobabybox #babylistfam

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Nooit meer warme koffie;


I never thought I would depend on coffee to function. To me, that was an “adult” thing to do. But lately I have been trying to focus my attention on being 100% present for my kids instead of thinking about how tired I am. They get up with SO MUCH ENERGY and ready to play… so I have been finding my strength and motivation right there: them. No matter how exhausted I am, if Zoey wants to dance, I WILL dance. If Hazel gives me signs that she wants to laugh, I WILL make her laugh. I don’t want to look back and remember not giving them my absolute all. I will look back and remember that I made everything I could to make sure they knew how invested I was in making them smile. Side note: coffee does help though ☺️☕️

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Nooit meer alleen slapen;


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VIDEO: meisje (6) legt vader uit dat het moederschap ontzettend zwaar is


Én nooit meer stilte;


Nooit meer schone kleding;


AND LOOK AT HER, SHE REGRETS NOTHING ??‍♀️? #StickyToddler #WhatIsThisEven #IHopeItsNotSnot

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Nooit meer rust;


En ook nergens privacy;


Maar gelukkig krijg je er veel meer voor terug…


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