Fotoserie: Falende moeders

26.06.2018 12:03
fotoserie falende moeders

Als moeders heb we het beste voor met onze kinderen. Maar hé, wij gaan ook wel eens de mist in. Kijk maar naar deze grappige foto’s van Buzzfeed.  

Hij leek zo handig, die draagtas


• M U M F A I L S • ? We’ve all been there. Take them in your stride. Laugh out loud at their ridiculousness. Think of the joy you have probably brought to others (I’m sure many people laughed their socks off as i strutted around with my booty out). They may seem mortifying at the time, but trust me, you’ll laugh one day. May as well get the extra endorphins now ?? (And remember they’re not really ‘fails’ – merely ‘moments’ ??) #mummoment #mumfailmonday #monday * * * * #mumfail #mumsofinstagram #instamum #mondaymotivation #mumhood #funny #brightbirthsmama #brightbirths #bepositive #mummyblogger #booty #positive #mondayfunday #mondaylove #laughoutloud #laugh #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #oops #haha #ohheymama #funnymummy #funnymoments #mum #mama #realmotherhood


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Hoe red ik me hier uit?


#mumfail #henplanner #willyhoopla

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Niet te heet wassen, dat hondenkussen…


…of deze handschoen



Voortaan toch maar de juiste luiers kopen


Ook voor thuis…




On Christmas Emery received a new American Girl Bitty Baby. Here is what NOT to do so you don’t accidentally behead your child’s new doll. The girls asked me to cut the string hanging from her neck. I thought it seemed odd, but figured maybe it was the string that held it in the box so it snipped it off. I gave Emery back her doll and she was rocking and adoring her new baby and then two seconds later her head fell to the floor! ? Todd immediately looked at me and knew whatever I did had caused this. OOPS!!! After we gained our composure (I won’t say who was laughing and who was crying) Todd fixed her right up. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again. So, DO NOT cut the string off of an American Girl doll! ? #itholdsthehead #yourwelcome #majormomfail

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Volgende keer toch maar naar een professional


Eten en kijken gaan niet samen






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